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Why can’t I lose weight? This is one of the questions I frequently asked myself, my friends and dietary specialists. Sooner than later I however came to realize that there are as many answers to this question as there are people asking. At the beginning, I was ready, quite eager in fact, to try out diets, any diet that I saw anywhere hoping to get diets that work. My name is Joe Bellman and I was overweight and very upset through my teenage years. I exploring many years diets that work.

Joe Bellman - Diets That WorkThe problem with being overweight was that I always felt I could eat more without any problem. In fact even my parents were concerned that I would one day be unable to walk. Whenever I saw the risks of being overweight and people dying of heart attack due to obesity, I just cried and ate more food.

When I read about the Beyond Diet by nutrition specialist Isabel De Los Rios I was hesitant to buy the eBook since I had already tried so many diets that work. The review indicated that I would be able to see results within as soon as one week. However what made me really interested in buying this program is because the owner gives me a money back guarantee. Within sixty days, anyone who is not happy with their results should send an email and receive their money back.

In my case, I had given up on exercise and healthy eating but I was still wondering why can’t I lose weight? Once I tried dieting, sometimes I felt so bad because I was not losing weight fast. In order to compensate and feel better, I always go out and grab fries and a burger. The first step in the Beyond Diet was to calculate my metabolic rate. While many diet solutions claim to work, they fail to recognize the uniqueness of each individual.

I had nothing to lose by trying out this diet solution but instead, I have gained my whole life back. Everything is amazing now. Even my college mates do not make fun of me any longer. After losing weight, one girl I had a crush on since high school has accepted to become my girlfriend. The Beyond Diet has helped me to live a normal life.

Here is the secret; I followed everything in the program because I did not want to fail again. While it is not easy to do the metabolic calculation, I did it and then I followed the diet planner to develop my very own best way to lose weight. Exercise is not really my forte but since my diet said so, I decided to try walking to work then I would be able to email and ask why can’t I lose weight?

I found the answer to my question, “Why can’t I lose weight?” because it is a fact that not all diet solutions for weight loss will work for everyone. The program showed me that one of the most common hindrances to weight loss is a lack of commitment which in turn is inspired by a lot of things. I want everyone out there who has a weight problem to find this amazing solution.

Joe Bellman

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