How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight? – Jennifer Jones

I have been searching everywhere for the best way to lose weight and how many calories should I eat to lose weight but of all the diets I have tried; none offered me a complete solution. At 20 years of age, I was already weighing over 300 lbs. I had no friends because even if I had, I could not participate in their activities. While my age mates were out shooting turkey, I was wallowing in misery thinking about how it got so bad. In fact, my family bought many diets that work eBooks, guides and everything else but never worked for me.

Jennifer JonesBeing overweight not only affected my body but also my mental state. I felt like I could not live another day. Every night as I went to bed munching on a chocolate bar, I hoped I would not have to face the next day in my current state. I was convinced that there was nothing like diets that work. My worst nightmare was having a boyfriend. I kept thinking of his reaction if ever I had to undress in his sight.

When I went looking for work, I could see disbelief in everyone who looked at me. I always ask myself, how many calories should I eat to lose weight ? Because even when I eat less I do not lose weight. Dieting itself made me sick because when I am forced to take cabbage soup then I will be too hungry and have a double burger later in the day. To make up for the low self-esteem, I always ate more and more junk. This helped me to get my mind of my weight.

Just when I had given up, my younger sister came and asked me, have you heard about the Beyond Diet? I had never heard of it but then, I said to her, “There really are no diets that work. But when she said that we can have a sixty days money back guarantee, we decided to order the program. I followed the instructions and within just two weeks, I could walk to the shopping mall. Since then, I have continued losing weight and there is no chance I will gain all the weight back again.

If you have a weight problem, sometimes you find yourself wondering, how many calories should I eat to lose weight? The Beyond Diet has all the answers you need to be able to lose weight. Not only that but they also help you to know how many calories are in the specific food. I decided to write my story so that anybody who is suffering from being overweight or obese can see what I have gone through. The Beyond Diet is an amazing program that has changed me and even my family. It is by far the most effective program for those who want to lose weight fast  and learn how many calories should I eat to lose weight in a healthy manner.

The Beyond Diet helped me to see myself from another angle. It also came with a shopping list that I followed to the letter because I was fed up with trying countless diet solutions. I am now shopping like other girls trying to get something that I can wear to a party!!

Yours truly,
Jennifer Jones and how I discovered how many calories should I eat to lose weight.

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